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Connects the World through Virtual 5G

V5G is the World’s 5G

Support for Android, Apple, SmartPhones, Tablets, SmartTVs and other devices

V5G is the Internet’s 5G Service for Apps, Calls, Video, Messaging, Gaming and all Mobile Broadband services

SINGAPORE, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual Internet, the leader in Software 5G (Fifth Generation) Mobile Broadband technology announced Worldwide distribution of Virtual Web.

Virtual Web is a revolutionary Mobile Broadband Gateway, specifically engineered to work with Virtual 5G and Virtual Home Office.

More than a Hotspot, Virtual 5G is a Gateway to the Virtual Internet 

All Smartphones functioning as hotspots have, for a long time, been able to provide basic low bandwidth Internet connectivity to other connected devices. When a Smartphone operates in this manner, both devices share an already bandwidth-limited connection, which is suboptimal for both devices. Additionally, the connected device is almost always unable to share any encrypted connection the Smartphone is able to make through a VPN service.

Virtual Web –See what you’ve been missing

With Virtual Web, users can not only connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, Cellular Radio (Mobile Data), or Satellite, they can leverage an encrypted connection with their credentials on connected devices to explore their own Personal Web of content including the World’s Most Popular Streaming Services and Sites.

Virtual Web supports multiple Operating Systems

Virtual Web supports devices that operate on Android, Apple, Windows, even Google Pixel.

Virtual Web supports multiple Devices

Virtual Web allows multiple devices to leverage the VPN made possible by Virtual 5G or Virtual Home Office; SmartPhones, Tablets, SmartTVs and other devices, and coming soon, Automobiles.

With Virtual Web and Virtual 5G or Virtual Home Office, multiple devices connect to your Phone or Tablet through Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi, USB, etc. and share not only the Virtual 5G VPN, but they also share the 5G Mobile Broadband connection Virtual 5G provides.

Virtual Web –VPN enabled, not just any VPN

Many VPNs say they are secure; they encrypt at the network layer on well-known ports, and while they “rotate” their IP addresses, users can still be identified, and any encryption ends at the VPN server, long before the unencrypted connection to the destination to reach the desired site, content, or service.

In short, traditional VPNs, can still be tracked, can still be blocked; so you aren’t truly private.

Virtual 5G and Virtual Home Office are multiplicative encrypted at the Application Layer and the Network Layer; and because of how they operate, they are invisible on the Internet, so they cannot be detected or blocked.

So, you are truly private and have unrestricted access to everything in the World.

Global 5G Service in every country on every network

Virtual Web operates in every country over every service provider networks.  Virtual Web allows multiple devices to leverage to enjoy a 5G connection, meaning multiple devices no longer contend for already limited bandwidth.

Transformative and Universal

With Virtual Web there is:

  • No need to install anything on your other devices
  • No rooting of devices
  • No need to install a VPN App on every device
  • No limits from a VPN to which you have subscribed that limits the number of devices you can use it on
  • No performance loss, important as VPNs typically lower bandwidth by as much as 80%
  • Performance Increase –to the fastest 5G speeds in the Industry

With Virtual Web:

  • Connect Apple devices; iPhones and iPads
  • Connect other Android devices, Phones and Tablets
  • Connect Google Pixel devices
  • Connect Smart TVs and more

You can view streaming services on other devices while at home, at work or while Mobile and still have 5G Mobile Broadband service for the Smartphone that has Virtual 5G or Virtual Home Office.

Virtual 5G is 5G

Virtual 5G is Software based 5G Mobile Broadband.  5G, Fifth Generation Mobile Broadband, is faster than existing networks, enables greater bandwidth, and improves Internet Services in both urban and rural areas. Virtual 5G was and is the only Software with the proven ability over millions of users, to bring 5G service to 2G, 3G, and 4G Mobile Devices over Cellular, Wi-Fi and Satellite and to super charge the performance of native 5G mobile devices. Virtual 5G, unlike Infrastructure 5G is not local, it is Global. Traditional 5G services merely deliver higher bandwidth, they are not engineered to enhance Security and Privacy, which Virtual 5G provides for all Services on V5G.  

About Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd.

Virtual Internet is a metaverse company, incorporated in Singapore. Virtual Internet is building a new community of millions of users, connected through multiple networks. Virtual Internet has created and operates on its own Virtual 5G Global Overlay Network, which allows millions of other applications and services to be delivered over 5G Mobile Broadband Speeds using existing Cellular Radio, Wi-Fi, and SATCOM networks.

CONTACT: [email protected] 

SOURCE Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd.

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