Value-Added Applications to Transform Home Internet Experiences, says The Telecom Company – USA TODAY

Since the World Wide Web was opened to the public in 1993, the internet has radically changed how people learn, work, and consume entertainment. There have been numerous technological innovations in internet connectivity, with stronger and faster connections being launched every few years. The old dial-up connections were replaced by broadband, then by fiber optic wires. Wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G are also evolving at a rapid pace. 

Today, there are so many high-speed internet options available to residents of major cities that speed is not that important of a differentiator than it was in the past. What sets an internet provider apart is how convenient it is to use, as well as added features that provide a seamless experience to users.  

This is why The Telecom Company, an experience-based internet service provider (ISP) headquartered in New York, seeks to make its users’ lives easier through its Continuity suite of services. Founded 24 years ago as Wave2Wave Communications, the company was acquired in 2016, and subsequently rebranded. Initially operating in the New York Metropolitan area, The Telecom Company is now delivering tailored connectivity solutions to consumers and businesses nationwide, partnering with major telecommunications operators. 

The Telecom Company seeks to provide a better experience to its customers than the traditional operators through several functional features. All of its Continuity residential Wi-Fi internet packages come with cybersecurity and parental control features, as well as an all-in-one, value-added app that provides homeowners with a greater degree of control over their home internet network. 

The Telecom Company’s app, which will be launched shortly, allows customers to quickly modify their home Wi-Fi network’s SSID and customize it to their liking. Oftentimes, homeowners leave their Wi-Fi networks on default settings, making it both harder for people to connect as well as exposing their network to security risks. The app gives homeowners the ability to see all the devices connected to their network, as well as the network’s performance, in one convenient place. The app makes it easier to implement security and parental controls, such as time or bandwidth limits and content filters. The Telecom Company’s offering also comes with built-in antivirus and cyber security functionalities, protecting all of the devices on the network from intrusions. 

With children at an increased risk of exposure to dangerous online elements, such as explicit content, cyberbullying, and predators, The Telecom Company has partnered with Bark, a service that uses AI to monitor children’s online activity, alerting their parents if they are being bullied, having suicidal thoughts, or talking about meeting up with a stranger. It allows parents to set screen time limits on their children’s devices. 

Another one of The Telecom Company’s partners is Arlo, a maker of home security cameras and systems. Arlo’s full suite of products is integrated into The Telecom Company’s app, allowing easier monitoring of the home and improved protection of life and property. 

For customers who are not technologically savvy, they can call The Telecom Company for assistance in managing these features, such as changing the Wi-Fi password or setting up time restrictions. This is part of Continuity’s fully managed service for its customers.  

“Most home internet connections today are able to reach speeds of multiple gigabits per second, but the average home user won’t be using that speed to its full extent all the time,” DePalo says. “What people care about are reliability of service and various features that help them in their day-to-day lives, such as parental controls, antivirus, and home security. This is why we named our offering Continuity, because we provide a seamless experience where everything can be accessed and controlled through a singular place, which is our app.” 

Expanding from its origins in New York, The Telecom Company is now available in major cities nationwide. Furthermore, it is also expanding into rural and other less densely populated areas in the US, working with both corporate partners and the government in bringing high-speed internet to underserved areas. 

“We have been starting out in urbanized, highly competitive markets, because we feel that our Continuity offering presents itself well when compared to the competition. Eventually, we seek to bring our services to communities that have few to no options for modern connectivity, bringing them a fast, stable, and seamless internet experience,” DePalo says. 

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