There is A New Scam Targeting Spectrum Internet & TV Customers According to The BBB – Here is What You Need To Know To Avoid It – Cord Cutters News

Once again, scammers are finding new ways to try to get money from people. At first this scam targeted Comcast customers has started to target Spectrum internet and TV customers.

Back in September, a Cord Cutters News reader emailed us and detailed a recent scam possibly targeting Spectrum internet customers, a cable provider of which they are a subscriber.

Our reader he was offered a promotion from a caller claiming to be with Spectrum. During an almost hour-long call, he was told he could halve her cable internet bill for three years with no contract, but he had to pay $520 up front to cover the cost of the first eight months. The fake Spectrum representative he paid the $520 — which he requested in the form of a Target gift card — within two hours, he’d get a $100 Spectrum gift card in addition to the lower bill.

Now, the scam is becoming so widespread the BBB has issued a warning about this scam as it is becoming more common. Be careful of anyone calling you claiming to be from a company offering special deals if you pay with gift cards. Always be suspicious of any phone calls you receive.

We have also been told that these scammers will also text customers with an offer like this so be careful about text offers similar to this one also.

You’ve likely received a phishing email,calls, or text. These scams often want you to click a link to make a payment, offer free stuff or claim there’s a problem with one of your accounts or payment information. The FCC has tips for spotting these ploys and protecting yourself, but phishing isn’t the only weapon in a scammer’s arsenal. For example, our reader experienced vishing, a type of phishing that happens over a voice call.

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