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  • The Pixel Watch 2 receives favorable reviews for its software experience and is a top choice for fitness enthusiasts, especially with a Fitbit Premium subscription.
  • A firmware update has been released for the LTE model of the Pixel Watch 2, with bug fixes and improvements specifically for LTE users.
  • The update likely includes the November 2023 security patches, although there is uncertainty about what exactly has been fixed due to broken links and a lack of information from Google.

The Pixel Watch 2 has been met with generally favorable reviews, and like many Google products, a lot of that comes down to software experience. It may not be quite up to snuff with the Apple Watch Ultra’s health features, but if you’re willing to drop the cash on a Fitbit Premium subscription, it’s clearly one of the best Wear OS options for fitness enthusiasts. Now, things are only getting better as Google’s flagship wearable just got its first firmware update.

A Google Product Manager announced the update on the Pixel Watch help forums today, noting that only the LTE model of the Pixel Watch 2 is receiving an update at this time. The new version has a build number of TWD9.231005.005.B3, and Google lists the following in its rather unceremonious changelog:

  • Google Pixel Watch: TWD9.231005.005.B3

The Nov 2023 software update includes bug fixes and improvements for Pixel Watch 2 LTE users.

Updates are available for Pixel Watch 2 LTE devices.

Strangely, there is no mention of the first-generation Pixel Watch or Wi-Fi models of the Pixel Watch 2, however, these devices are expected to receive an update this month — we’re just not sure when at this time. It’s an unusual rollout to say the least, as most first-gen Pixel Watch updates came to both the LTE and Wi-Fi models at the same time.

Google doesn’t specify, but it’s likely that the Pixel Watch 2 LTE update includes the November 2023 security patches for Wear OS. However, Google’s Security Bulletin page for Wear OS appears to be broken, and the one it maintains for Pixel Watch-specific Security Bulletins hasn’t been updated since September, so it’s impossible to know exactly what may have been fixed.

Pixel Watch 2 LTE users can apply this update by heading to the Settings app on their watch, then going to System → System updates (note that it will probably take a few tries, but tapping the watch icon at the top of this page should refresh it). If you’re still experiencing issues with your watch’s performance after this update, there are several different ways you can get the Pixel Watch 2’s battery life in check. But the watch should last at least 24 hours for most users, according to Google, and in my own usage, I’m typically getting twice that on a single charge. So here’s hoping this and future Wear OS updates for the Pixel Watch 2 build on that rather than introduce new issues.

Source: Google

Google Pixel Watch 2

Google’s Pixel Watch 2 may look almost identical to its predecessor, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. An upgraded SoC has led to massive battery gains compared to last year, and improved health sensors make this the Wear OS device to beat from a fitness-tracking perspective.

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