The half-off Garmin Venu 2S is one of the best budget smartwatches you can get right now – PhoneArena

Still don’t know which of the best smartwatches out there to choose from all of the hot pre-holiday bargains available at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy? Get ready for your decision to get even tougher once you add the Garmin Venu 2S to the Black Friday 2023 equation as well.

This is obviously not the brand’s newest, most powerful, or most technologically advanced wearable device, but it is one of the cheapest to sport a high-quality AMOLED touchscreen with optional Always-On functionality. Released all the way back in the spring of 2021 as the smaller and more lightweight sibling of the “standard” Venu 2, this S model comes with a reasonably compact 40mm case, a fairly thick bezel made from premium and durable stainless steel, and most impressively, a battery life rating of up to 10 days.
You can get all that (and a whole lot more) for a whopping $200 under this bad boy’s $399.99 list price, which evidently equates to a completely unprecedented and totally unbeatable 50 percent discount. The killer new Black Friday… week deal is for the time being available from both Amazon and Best Buy, but that might not be true for long.

The non-S Venu 2, in case you’re wondering, appears to be out of stock altogether at the two leading US retailers, which could happen to the diminutive version as well before long. After all, this manages to cover all health monitoring bases surprisingly well, supporting everything from body battery energy technology to all-day stress management, sleep supervision, blood oxygen, and even menstrual cycle tracking.

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