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If you use an Apple iPhone, then there’s no question: the Apple Watch is absolutely the only smartwatch you should consider. Apple watches come in a variety of price points, from the value-minded Apple Watch SE to the no holds barred Apple Watch Ultra. They combine smart iPhone integration with a dazzling array of fitness, and health-related tech that no other brand can match. They’ve always topped our list of best watches, including for 2023. So, we’ve also compiled a list of the best Apple Watch deals currently available ahead of the Apple Black Friday sales.

TL;DR – The Best Apple Watch Deals Today

The Best Apple Watch Deals

Apple Watch SE for $109

Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) GPS 40mm

Out of stock for now. We will update this if they come back.

Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) GPS 44mm

Apple Watch SE (1st Gen) GPS 44mm

Out of stock for now. We will update this if they come back.

Black Friday deals are in full swing right now at Walmart, as you can get a fully featured Apple Watch there for only $109. Although it was released back in 2020, the 1st gen Apple Watch SE is still a very relevant watch. The 2nd gen Apple Watch SE might have a newer S8 processor, but it’s technically only one generation newer than the S5 processor found in the original Watch SE (the S8, S7, and S6 have the same CPU). Aside from that and crash detection, it has pretty much every sensor and feature you’d find on the 2nd gen.

The Apple Watch SE sports a gorgeous Retina OLED display. It’s powered by the same S5 chipset that you’d find in the Apple Watch 5. Its sleek aluminum casing is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It features an accelerometer, gyroscope, and altimeter, optical heart sensor for heart rate monitoring and irregular heart rhythm detection, GPS and motion sensors for tracking your pace and distance when exercising, sleep tracking, and more.

Apple Watch Series 9 for $349

Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS 41mm)

The latest addition to the lineup is the Apple Watch Series 9. It released in September 2023, with a significantly faster processor than its predecessors, plus a handful of new features. It has 18-hour battery life, which will get you through the day and then some. Access to Siri is processed on the device, rather than having to beam over the internet, which makes for faster response times. It also can detect a “double tap” motion you can make with your thumb and forefinger. You can use this to press the primary button in an app without having to touch the watch display with your other hand (or nose). Fancy.

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) From $216

Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen (GPS 40mm)

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Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen (GPS 40mm)

The Apple Watch SE 2 features an upgraded CPU over the original Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch SE 2 has the same S8 processor found in the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra. The original Apple Watch SE uses an older S5 processor. Apple claims about a 30% performance improvement between the two. Outside of that, both SE watches are largely similar. The bright and sharp Retina OLED display is 30% larger that what you’d find on the Apple Watch Series 3. It also features crash detection (new to the 2nd gen Apple Watch SE), IPX7 water resistance, international roaming, heart rate notifications, fall detection, sleep tracking, sports monitoring and activity tracking, Apple Pay, and more.

Apple Watch Ultra for $679

Apple Watch Ultra (1st Gen)

Amazon is offering Apple’s highest end watch, the Apple Watch Ultra, for $679. The extravangantly priced Ultra is designed to withstand more extreme outdoor activities than your typical Apple watch, including diving. It features both GPS and cellular connectivity, a 49mm corrosion-resistant rugged titanium case with an extra durable Sapphire crystal glass watch face, a handy physical “action” button on the side, the Oceanic+ app which functions like a mini dive computer, 100m of water resistance, a more accurate dual-frequency GPS, and a longer 36-hour battery life.

Apple Watch: Budget to Best

Investing in an Apple Watch doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. There are plenty of excellent, more affordable options to choose from, and we’ve listed some of our favorites below.

Apple Watch SE (GPS, 44mm) - Space Gray (Renewed)

Apple Watch SE (GPS, 44mm) – Space Gray (Renewed)

Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

Apple Watch Series 8 From $299

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS 41mm)

The Apple Series 8 is the newest generation out right now. It is an incremental upgrade to the Series 7 and cosmetically they look pretty much identical. The Series 8 carries over the best features of the Series 7 like the Always-On Retina OLED display, the dual-core CPU (now called the “S8” processor, even though functionally it’s the same as the S7 processor on the Series 7), the rugged IP6X dust resistant and swimproof (to 50mm) casing, and the wealth of health features like ECG, blood oxygen, and heart rate meters. Two features new to the Series 8 are a built-in temperature sensor (primarily geared towards women’s health) as well as the ability to detect when you’ve been subjected to a serious car crash.

Can you use an Apple Watch with Android phone?

Although it’s technically possible to use an Apple Watch with an Android phone, we wouldn’t recommend it. Apple made it so that a lot of the functionality of the Apple Watch requires a smartphone with an iOS operating system. There are some workarounds to implement some of the features, but for the average person, the hassle isn’t worth it. If you’re absolutely intent on getting an Apple Watch, then getting an iPhone first would be the best option. For those of you quite happy with your Android smarpthone, there are plenty of Android smartwatches that would be a better fit than the Apple Watch.

How to Customize Your Apple Watch

Personalizing your Apple Watch is the next best thing to do after you’ve bought one for yourself, and there’s plenty of ways to do it. Whether you want to find a specific style of band, case, or even customize your watch face, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. In our roundups of the best Apple Watch faces, the best Apple Watch bands, and the best Apple Watch cases and covers, you can find our top picks for 2023.

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