The Apple Watch needs to steal this feature to compete with Garmin – Tom's Guide

We expect an awful lot from our smartwatches and fitness trackers these days — it’s no longer enough to just track our steps, calories burned, and sleep. We rely on our gadgets to track everything from our resting heart rate to our menstrual cycles. However, despite huge advances in this area, Apple is still missing a trick, especially compared to Garmin. 

As a fitness editor, I’m lucky enough to review some of the best running watches and fitness trackers on the market. As a marathon runner, I’ve always wanted my gadgets to keep up with me — I’ve used the best Garmins to record countless training miles and used my Oura ring to record how well I’ve recovered from a race. More recently, I’ve been looking to track something completely different, as I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my first baby. 

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