Thanks to HyperTone 2024, Hasselblad cameras in smartphones are set to become even better, as sample photos suggest –

More natural colors and Ultra HDR

According to the glossy brochures below, the strengths of Hasselblad tuning will be even more pronounced in Oppo’s 2024 smartphone generation. In particular, colors should appear more natural than on other competing devices, and the company is also increasing its efforts in the area of HDR, similar to Google and┬áSamsung’s recent plans to expand support for Ultra HDR photos.

Particular attention has been paid to correct tone mapping and better noise reduction than rival brands. However, it remains to be seen how much of this actually reaches the end customer. Not only the Oppo Find X7 and Find X7 Pro are to benefit from the improved “HyperTone camera system”, but also the Oneplus 12 and even the mid-ranger series Reno11 are expected to get some of the Hasselblad optimizations, as indicated by Oppo at the Paris Photo Exhibition.

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