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Rajasthan is a perfect place to enjoy your vacation exploring the ancient forts, temples, foods, and many more things. But whenever we learn about the royal destinations of Rajasthan, we seldom have doubts about the budget. So, now you must be delighted to know that you don’t have to look at your budget for a Rajasthan trip because several travel agencies provide you with affordable Rajasthan tour packages

This will help you to plan a proper Rajasthan tour at minimum cost and apart from this you can also make it more budget-friendly by adopting a few ideas for the Rajasthan budget trip as discussed here 

Avoid the Tourist Traps

The very first way that will help you to make your Rajasthan budget tour more cost-effective is by avoiding Tourist Traps. The tourist traps are generally expensive as compared to other places of accommodation. Due to the high density of tourists, the services in these areas are highly expensive. So it will be beneficial to research about the place other than those particular tourist traps in Rajasthan. The other reason for avoiding the tourist trap will be that you’ll get a chance to stay away from the crowd and enjoy the fresh air of Rajasthan.


  • Get cheap accommodation.
  • Feel the fresh air away from the crowd.
  • Get a better sight of the City.

Make Bookings

You might have observed that all the bookings of packages for Rajasthan tours are almost full during the festival season and booking in these seasons is expensive due to the shortage of bookings available. So make sure you have properly planned your trip almost before 2 to 3 months to get the Rajasthan trip package at a cheap price. This will also reduce you from joining the crowded accommodation site as well as the crowded groups.  An early booking will save you from any accommodation challenges and also heavy charges.


  • Save the extra cost of seasonal bookings.
  • Avoid delayed trips.
  • Avoid the tourist crowding.
  • Get proper accommodation as per your wish.
  • Avail of cheap Rajasthan tour packages.

Prefer traveling in Local Transports

One of the major parts of your budget is the traveling cost in Rajasthan which can rise higher if you are preferring to book a personal cab. To lower your traveling cost, you can prefer the local transports which are quite effective and somehow manage to cope up with the traffic all the time. Also traveling in the local transport will bring you closer to the city life or the life of the common people living in the city. Also while using the local transport you’ll be saving a good portion of your budget and make your Rajasthan budget tour more cost-effective.


  • Get a chance to explore the galleries and towns of Rajasthan.
  • Know about the common lifestyle of the people in Rajasthan.
  • Save the heavy cost of personal vehicle bookings.
  • Make an environment-friendly trip to Rajasthan.

Prefer Desert Camping

Rajasthan Desert Camping
Rajasthan Desert Camping

Desert Camping is one of the fun activities that can be done in Rajasthan and apart from that this can also be one of the ideas to make your Rajasthan budget trip savvier. The first reason behind its cost-effectiveness is that it is way far cheaper than staying at a lavish hotel but believe you will never regret staying at a desert camp rather than a hotel. 

Staying in a desert camp will also let you meet the Banjaras which are the desert locals without any permanent staying place. They move from place to place playing folk songs and dancing. You’ll get a chance to enjoy the campfire in the desert along with the folk Rajasthani music.

Some of the major destinations for Desert Camping are Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, etc.


  • Highly cost-effective for staying.
  • Enjoy the nightlife of Rajasthan.
  • Get a chance to know the desert lifestyle.
  • Enjoy the campfire accompanied by Rajasthani folk songs and dance.

Purchase from the Local Markets

Shopping is one of the most activities on a trip to Rajasthan but sometimes buying from big showrooms or malls can disturb your Rajasthan budget tour as it will be much costlier. You can rather prefer to shop from the local markets. Shopping from the local markets will not only save your money but will also let you explore the marvelous and colorful markets of Rajasthan where you can buy all the ethnic handicrafts, ornaments, carpets, jewelry, clothes, etc. 

Some of the well-known markets to accompany your cheap Rajasthan tour packages will be the Bada Bazaar, Pushkar Mela, Jaisalmer market, etc.


  • Highly cost-effective.
  • A wide range of handicrafts is available.
  • Can be personalized as per your choice.
  • Learn the making process of handicrafts.
  • Get a chance to bargain and fix a suitable price.

Dine at local Dhabas 

Rajasthan cuisine is one of the most important things that make the Rajasthan budget tour worth it. You can make your budget trip savvier by enjoying the cuisine at the local restaurants or Dhabas. You can find some of the best local dining sights at Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Bikaner, and Jaipur. Dining in the local restaurants will not only give you a plateful of food but also the authentic taste that can be understood only by the locals.

Some of the Dhabas even offer you to observe the making process of the food which is generally done in the traditional way to sustain the authentic taste.


  • Enjoy the original taste of the authentic foods
  • Get accompanied by the folk songs and dances
  • Get a chance to meet the original belonger of the food
  • Know the preparation of the respective cuisine.
  • Get the best food at the minimum cost.

Hence, considering these ideas will lead you to minimize the cost of your Rajasthan trip and explore the best out of your budget.

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