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Official Renders of Honor 100 Series

In a surprising revelation, the official renderings of the Honor 100 series of smartphones have been unveiled, showcasing a design that is both unique and highly recognizable. The series comprises the standard Honor 100 and the more advanced Honor 100 Pro, each pushing the boundaries of conventional smartphone aesthetics.

The standard Honor 100 boasts a striking white colorway with a distinctive cotton/feather-like texture, reminiscent of the rococo white color of the Huawei P60. The camera housing takes center stage with a bold rectangular shape accompanied by a semi-circle, housing dual rear cameras. This unconventional combination breaks away from the current circular camera housing trend, marking a bold departure in smartphone design.

On the other hand, the Honor 100 Pro version stands out with a captivating purple color scheme. The design features a splicing technique that separates the camera housing side area with a plain purple color, while the other half is engraved with textured, slightly dark purple detailing. A glossy S-shaped dividing line elegantly separates the two halves, creating a visually stunning contrast.

Honor 100 Series Official Renderings

The main focal point of the Honor 100 Pro is undoubtedly its camera housing. Departing from the conventional circular design, it introduces a streamlined ellipse with irregular curves, housing three distinct camera sensors. This innovative approach to camera housing sets the Honor 100 Pro apart from its smartphone counterparts, offering a design that is as functional as it is visually striking.

Both versions of the Honor 100 series are highly recognizable, ensuring they stand out in a crowd. The designs are a bold departure from the norm, representing a break from traditional smartphone aesthetics. The Honor 100 series not only focuses on aesthetics but also incorporates OIS anti-shake technology, enhancing the overall camera performance.

In terms of personal preference, the choice between the standard Honor 100 and the Pro version may be subjective. While the standard version introduces a pioneering semi-circle design, the Honor 100 Pro captivates with its intricate purple streamlined oval housing. The Pro variant also boasts a more complex back cover process, adding to its overall appeal.

In conclusion, the Honor 100 series has introduced a breath of fresh air into the smartphone design landscape. The creative main camera design, coupled with OIS anti-shake technology, makes these devices stand out. Whether one leans towards the unique semi-circle of the standard Honor 100 or the captivating streamlined ellipse of the Honor 100 Pro, the series promises to redefine expectations in the world of smartphone aesthetics. The anticipation for the official release of the Honor 100 series is undoubtedly at an all-time high.

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