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Does your child often face pain in the ear? Make sure it is not an ear infection. Children have a very common tendency to suffer from an ear infection. According to a recent survey, it has observed that almost 5 out of 10 children suffer from this particular health issue.

In most cases, inflammation or harsh pain becomes very common within the middle portion of the ear. Moreover, if you do not take proper precautions, this particular problem can give birth to a major physical problem. Being a very sensitive part of our body, our ear keeps the balance of our body. Besides, the Central Nerve System is directly connected to the ears, so due to untreated infections, one may suffer from serious disease.

But, your kids can easily minimize the chance of such infection if you take care of their health and bring change in some practices. However, before we begin to tell you, let us know the actual reason for such a high tendency of ear infections within children.

Reasons of ear infection in children

Instead of adults, the tendency of ear infections is quite common among children. Certainly, there are so many reasons. Some of them include,

  • Children have a low immunity system. When it comes to the matter of low immunity, the name of children and old-aged people top the list. Due to having low immunity, children get into infection fast.
  • Excessive ear wax can create a problem. They are kids, so they hardly understand the necessity of cleaning the ear. Being a parent, if you also forget to clean wax from your child’s ear, it may create an infection on the internal organs of the ear.
  • Unaware of liquid damage within the ear is another reason for infection. If your children learn to swim, then ear infection is quite common. During swimming, water can get into the ear easily. If such liquid damage takes place repeatedly, then it may cause an ear infection.
  • Due to heavy cough and cold, if acute otitis occurs in the middle part of the ear, it can also create an infection.

Therefore, these are some common reasons for which a child can suffer badly. To get rid of such a problem, you must take proper steps.

Look for these symptoms of ear infection

Although one very common symptom of ear infection is harsh pain, there are many others apart from that. Here we will discuss exact symptoms so that you can easily determine whether your baby is crying due to an ear infection or something else.

  • Harsh pain within the ear
  • High fever
  • Inflammation within ear
  • Children express irritation frequently
  • An itchy feeling at the outer part of the ear throughout the day
  • Not having sound sleep

Look out for these symptoms. If any 4 or 5 symptoms you find within your child, take the doctor’s advice without any delay. However, in the necessity of funds, taking out urgent loans in Ireland from direct lenders is one of the best options.

6 Practices to minimize the scope of ear infection for your kids

1. Do not skip even a single vaccine

From the very initial stage, do not skip even a single vaccine of your child. Generally, to increase their immunity power, children need to undergo a vaccination process. To fight against every infection, children require immunity power. These vaccines build up that immunity power within children.

So, being a parent, you must not skip even a single dosage of vaccine. A properly vaccinated child always has less chance of ear infection.

2. Ask your children to wash hands frequently

Apart from cough and cold, there are some other means to get into an infection. Do you know how? After coming from the playground, if a child punches a dirty hand into the ear, the scope of infection will become higher. Therefore, it is very important to teach your child to wash hands frequently.

3. An adequate amount of breast milk minimizes the risk

Just after giving birth to the child, mothers need to breastfeed their children. While some mothers fail to continue, this breastfeeds after the first 2 months. Working mothers are unable to breastfeed. From here, the problem begins. If you cannot breastfeed your baby adequately, it may increase the chance of several allergic problems.

So, when it comes to the matter of building natural immunity, do not compromise with it. Rather always breastfeed your baby adequately.

4. Do not feed liquid while the baby is lying

Although most of the new mothers find it easy to feed their children by lying them on their lap but this is a bad practice. It is better not to feed your lovely baby by lying to him, especially when it is liquid food. The only reason to stop this practice is that while you pour the liquid into the throat, it will directly go towards the Eustachian tube. As a result, it may create a bacterial infection.

5. Avoiding smoking in front of your child

Did you know smoking can cause ear infections in children? When you smoke in front of your child, then he becomes a passive smoker. As a result, when your child inhales the smoke of a cigarette, then it will attack directly on the Eustachian tube where ear wax and particles of smoke mingle with each other.

6. Shift to another day-care

It has been observed that children who stay in large daycares are the worst sufferer. Most of them suffer from respiratory diseases like clod and cough. Now, continuing this cold and cough for a long time can become harmful for the ear.

Instead, if you shift your child into a small daycare, the chance of ear infection will be minimized. If you need funds, borrow loans for bad credit in Ireland and drive out the chance of disease.

If you do not want your child to suffer, then start practicing these healthy habits at the initial stage. Beginning these practices will also bring up good health habits so that your children may stay healthy and happy.

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