Lack of high-speed internet access can negatively affect economy –

Growing up in Enid, I witnessed how a community needs to evolve with the times to grow and thrive. When I lived there in the 1990s, the population was growing –– making it one of the largest towns in the state. Today, many similarly sized cities are working just like Enid to sustain their population and accelerate economic growth. 

Unfortunately, many communities in the heartland are seeing their populations shrink and jobs disappear, especially in a time when technology, innovation and artificial intelligence are changing the landscape of the workforce at a rapid pace. That’s why I believe the No. 1 economic issue of our time is connecting residents to affordable, high-speed internet.  

We are witnessing a moment of unprecedented funding to expand high-speed internet across the country. This is life-changing for the estimated 42 million Americans lacking access to a reliable internet connection, including as many as 728,000 Oklahomans.  

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