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The latest Grand Theft Auto VI leak suggests that the game will feature the franchise’s first child character.

It’s wild to think that we’re mere weeks away from watching the GTA VI trailer – and that’s a known fact. Goodbye endless speculation. Rockstar Games took to social media last week to announce that the GTA VI trailer would be revealed in “early December”. Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards just so happens to fall on 7 December and given it’s the 10th edition of the event, Keighley has teased that it’s going to be a very special night. That being said, Rockstar don’t typically debut trailers at such events, choosing to walk their own path. What we do know is that fans are hoping GTA VI will skip the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, plus a fan-favourite weapon may be returning. Today though, many are discussing the new rumoured child protagonist.

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Grand Theft Auto is known for pushing the boundaries. It’s the kind of series that players used to hide from their parents, with many in recent years arguing that GTA V’s torture mission took things too far. It’s certainly not a child-friendly franchise, so it seems somewhat alarming that one will seemingly be featured in the story. Rockstar Universe claims that the child will belong to protagonist Lucia. I smell controversy.

Fans have erupted into discussion about the potential inclusion. One Reddit user suggested that the character could give Lucia a “sympathetic edge” while another aired their concern: “That seems like a terrible decision. Especially after they just spent a decade encouraging people to do the worst things in GTA Online.” It’s a very valid concern. There are plenty of comments I will not repeat here that raise such ‘ideas’.

Thankfully, Rockstar Universe stated that the child will not be a playable character, nor will they feature in the open world – protecting them from the game’s players essentially. It’s believed that they’ll instead simply feature in cutscenes. Do take all of this with a pinch of salt until it is confirmed by Rockstar.

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