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  • Google is making significant updates to its Photos app to attract a wider range of potential users and improve organization of digital documents.
  • The updates include changes to the Documents section UI, with a grid pattern of 9 categories and a new category for “Payment methods.”
  • Other expected features in the Google Photos pipeline include an auto archive function and integration with Google Calendar, allowing for reminders to be created within the app based on images with time and date information.

There are several different digital photo management options on the market, which means that companies like Google have ample competition. While Photos is a go-to option for many Google Suite users, the company knows that there is still a whole world of photographers — professionals and amateurs alike — who could be using its product. To tap into this potential, it seems to be developing significant updates for Photos. If you find yourself struggling to organize digital documents, these changes might be especially helpful to you.

On November 12, TheSpAndroid caught onto changes Google is developing for Photos, including tweaks to the Documents section UI. As of now, you can view images in Documents in a grid pattern, organized according to 12 categories. The updates seem like they will narrow this grid down to just 9 categories, and there are some new ones, such as “Payment methods.” Presumably, this category will hold images you’ve taken of items like credit and debit cards.

An auto archive feature is also expected to debut as a part of the update. If you choose to enable it, Photos will automatically archive photos from the View display after 30 days. At the moment, there is no word on when Google intends to fully roll out these changes as a part of its updates to Photos.

That being said, they are just two of many expected to be launched by the company in the near future. For instance, a feature called Stacks has already appeared in the app for some users. This automatically groups similar images in photos stacks for better organization, and it can be turned off, if you prefer. It seems that Google Calendar may soon be integrated with Photos, too. Once this feature launches, it appears that you’ll be able to create reminders within the Photos app, so long as the image features a time and date. This suggests that the prompt to make a reminder will only appear over photos that include this information. For now, the feature is still hidden behind a flag, similar to the Documents changes. Although there hasn’t been word on when it will go live, there’s reason to believe it could eventually come with a future app update.

If you’re already using Photos to manage your images, these updates will likely be welcome changes. The integration of other Google apps, such as Calendar, undeniably enhances functionality. However, the changes may also appeal to those who haven’t started using Photos just yet. With more organizational features, for instance, there are obvious benefits that could come with leveraging Photos — and it’s these benefits that Google is likely banking on to grow its userbase.

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