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Why should I join the all-in-one (AIO) gambling site? Why shouldn’t I join? How to find the best gambling site to join? 20 random facts 꽁머니about gambling in Germany (including legal facts, big wins, most popular sports in play and betting)

A 2015 survey showed that only 37% of 11,500 people bet (on something) in the past 12 months. This was a 3% decrease from the last survey taken that same 2015 survey prior. Only 0.37% to 42% of respondents from two years said they have some form of gambling addiction. This decreased from 0.69% to 0.82% of the problem gamblers surveyed in 2013. Gambling in Germany is regulated at the state level. The highest prize ever won in Germany was €90 million. Someone in Baden-Württemberg won this on October 14, 2016, when they played Euro Jackpot Lot. The territory of Baden claims to be the first one they open a legitimate casino in 1765. From 2012, a 5% tax will be imposed on those who bet in Germany.

Some bookmakers, such as Bwin, absorb the tax themselves, and German betters can have a relatively normal betting experience, and there is little momentum to overcome to make a profit. The popular sports to play and bet on in Germany are soccer, horse racing, handball, basketball and ice hockey. The first handball event was held in Berlin, 꽁머니Germany, during the 1936 Olympics. In 2017, revenue exceeded €5 billion, an increase of over €300 million from the previous year.


Experts attributed to more free and convenient online gambling compared to offline gambling. In 2017, Germany launched the first esports association, the eSport-Bund Deutschland (ESBD). In 2018, we declared esports a legitimate sport. This will open the door to Germany’s participation in esports at the Olympics. The German esports player who earns the most is Kuro Takhasomi, which earns about $4 million.

We found some of the most interesting facts related to gambling in Germany. If you know what you think is worth adding to this list, please send us an email and tell us.

We covered many areas. In summary, here’s what we learned about gambling in Germany.


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