Galaxy S24's AI features could work in these languages on day one – SamMobile – Samsung news

Samsung is making a big play for AI features on smartphones with what the company is calling the Galaxy AI experience. The Galaxy S24 will be marketed as an AI phone, and Galaxy AI is expected to be powered by Gauss, Samsung’s generative AI model that was announced a few days back at Samsung’s AI Forum 2023 event.

At the same event, Samsung has now revealed that Gauss supports English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, and the Galaxy S24’s AI features will probably support them as well. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty small list. Google Assistant works in many more languages, and while Bixby lags behind Google Assistant, it supports more languages than Gauss at the moment.

It will be interesting to see how quickly Samsung will add support for more languages to Gauss and the Galaxy AI experience that will be seen on the company’s upcoming flagship. Bixby has been around since 2017 and still only works in around nine languages, and we hope Samsung will put more effort into Gauss, especially if it wants to make AI the defining trait of Galaxy smartphones going forward.

Gauss, like Bixby, will be able to execute commands on-device to maintain user privacy. On the Galaxy S24 lineup,┬áit will power functionality such as automatic audio and text translation over calls. Some other Galaxy S24 AI features have been rumored, but information is pretty scarce right now so we will have to wait to find out more about what Galaxy AI and Gauss will enable on Samsung’s next flagship phone.

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