Early Black Friday deal at Walmart reduces the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic to an impulse buy – PhoneArena

Walmart just opened its Black Friday savings section to Walmart+ members, giving them early access to incredible discounts. If you’re a Galaxy Watch fan, we’ve got just the right one to share with you. Right now, the old but gold Galaxy Watch 4 Classic sells for just $99.99 at the merchant, making it one of the best early Black Friday smartwatch deals we’ve come across. Walmart+ members can choose from two color variants and still claim the incredible $50 discount from its MSRP of $149.99. While it’s far from the latest and greatest Samsung wearable, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is a true bang for your buck at that unbeatable price.

With its timeless design, this bad boy is incredibly stylish. It’s quite easy to navigate with its rotating bezel, too. Feature-wise, it’s clear that this wearable doesn’t have the latest and greatest Samsung marvels like its more modern counterpart – the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

That said, it’ll still get the job done and done right. It’ll keep your heart rate and stress levels in check, providing you with ECG monitoring via the app. Furthermore, it follows your VO2 max readings to provide an enhanced insight into your cardio levels.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic also counts reps for you and does it automatically, too! The Auto Workout Tracking feature detects different activities automatically for maximum convenience.

Moreover, the smartwatch can help you achieve better sleep quality by providing different sleep stats. As for its battery life, the Samsung smartwatch can last about a day and a half between charges, which sounds right, given all the cool features you have on board.

Overall, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic may not be suitable for those who can’t settle for something other than cutting-edge technology. But if you’re not one of those or are on a tight budget, this bad boy can make a perfect addition to your tech collection. If you have a Walmart+ membership, we advise you to consider pulling the trigger on this irresistible deal.

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