Clamor for ICC World Cup Semi-Final Tickets Reaches a Fever Pitch in Kolkata

Kolkata’s cricket fever has reached its zenith as fans go to great lengths to secure tickets for the ICC World Cup semi-final match between Australia and South Africa. Despite the match not featuring India, social media platforms and Telegram groups have been flooded with advertisements from both legitimate and illegal ticket sellers, with prices skyrocketing up to four times the original value.

The Kolkata Police have issued repeated advisories, urging fans to avoid falling prey to illegal transactions and only purchase tickets through official channels. Buying or selling tickets outside the authorized channels is considered a crime, especially when the price exceeds the original value.

A recent investigation TOI discovered numerous posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram seeking tickets for the semi-final match. An alarming number of profiles appeared to be selling tickets, enticing prospective buyers to inquire about prices through calls or messages. During an undercover operation, TOI pretended to be a buyer and contacted one of these sellers.

In a deceptive move, the seller falsely claimed to be a CAB (Cricket Association of Bengal) official and attempted to sell two H block tickets for double the original price. He even requested 20% of the money to be paid online and arranged to meet near gate number 2 of the stadium for physical ticket collection. Another seller claimed to have bought D block tickets at a lower price and was reselling them at a higher rate to make a profit, even suggesting delivery through an online platform.

The excitement surrounding the World Cup, coupled with the scarcity of tickets, has created an ideal environment for fraudsters to exploit eager fans. The Kolkata Police warns against such scams and emphasizes the importance of purchasing tickets exclusively from the official channels to guarantee authenticity and prevent financial losses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I purchase ICC World Cup semi-final tickets outside the official channel?

No, it is illegal to buy or sell tickets outside the official channel. The Kolkata Police strongly advises against falling prey to such illegal transactions, as they carry the risk of fraud and financial loss.

2. How can I ensure the authenticity of the tickets I purchase?

To guarantee the authenticity of your ICC World Cup semi-final tickets, it is recommended to buy them only through the official channels designated the event organizers. Be cautious of social media advertisements and individuals claiming to be selling tickets at higher prices.

3. What should I do if I come across illegal ticket sellers?

If you encounter individuals claiming to sell ICC World Cup semi-final tickets outside the official channel, it is advised to report them to the Kolkata Police immediately. They are actively working to crackdown on such illegal activities and protect cricket enthusiasts from fraud.

Sources: Times of India

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