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Last updated: November 8th, 2023 at 16:39 UTC+01:00

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Watch 6 earlier this year. The company’s latest smartwatch is packed to the gills with new technology. It also gets some subtle design improvements with noticeable touches including a thinner bezel and a larger display.

As someone who hasn’t changed their smartwatch for quite some time, the Galaxy Watch 6 has convinced me that it’s time to get rid of my trusty Galaxy Watch Active 2 from 2019, and the best place to do that is through Samsung’s online store.

Galaxy Watch 6 is in a class of its own

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It’s very well known that you can only get the best trade-in values for old Samsung products from the company’s own store. That makes sense. Samsung wants to provide its customers more of an incentive to upgrade to its new products so that they’re not enticed to switch by any other brand.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has served me very well over the years. As I now take my fitness more seriously than I did back in 2019, I genuinely feel the need for features such as sleep coaching, measuring body composition, ECG and blood pressure monitoring, as well as all of the apps and services that the Android-powered Wear OS brings to the device.

Trade-in values for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 are dismal at other retailers. Some even offer as low as $50 for what was objectively a very great smartwatch back in its day. The smart thing to do is to buy the Galaxy Watch 6 from If you opt for the 40mm version like I have, it’ll cost you $299.

However, Samsung is offering an instant trade-in credit of up to $200 for a limited time. While more recent smartwatches fetch the full amount, Samsung is giving a respectable $125 for the Galaxy Watch Active 2. This means that by trading in a smartwatch from 2019, I can get Samsung’s flagship 2023 smartwatch for $144.99 before tax. It’s a fantastic value proposition, one that’s certainly compelled me to switch. Now, it’s your turn.

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