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Day by day we are reaching new heights as we are getting to see the undiscovered parts of the world. We get amazed by the never seen view that mother nature offers us but at the same time, we get to see so many underaged students get involved in drugs. The government is facing new challenges daily as the level of consuming drugs has increased over recent years. Also check recreational pharmaceutical

Life can be very unpredictable as anything can happen at any moment. One bad step in the initial stage can harm a youth’s overall health. Youths are the future stars but they are naive to take decisions at the correct time, so if the supply of drugs gets less there can be some good changes in their health.

Hence, the government should restrict the supply of drugs and care about youth health and the future. Some actions the government can take are:

  1. Addiction to anything is never good for health or fitness, it is always better to take anything within a limit as an excess of anything is injuries. Talking about youth, they do not get drugs so easily if the supplier is not strong, hence the government should ban all the sources that supply drugs. If the doors are closed youth will like to choose a good alternative.
  • If there is a certain limit to the drug stores then the sellers will not buy all kinds of drugs so easily. There is no doubt that cbd store or others sell effective drugs that benefit the human body but there are also other drug stores that buy and sell harmful drugs and supply them to the youths.
  • The drugs that are consumed too often by youth should be banned by the government with hefty fines imposed. If any store sells that illegally then the licence should be seized. This is a good option for the sellers as well as the youth as buying something that costs too much will surely trigger youths.

Well, many drugs can cure pain and health-related issues but some drugs are so strong that can worsen the human body. The drugs that youth consume are injurious to their health and if consumed in an overdose they can damage all the organs. Also read recreational-pharmaceutical

Besides, if any youth gets charged with drugs, then their whole life may get damaged. Also, if youth are consuming drugs, overdose can take away their lives in a very short span of time. So, the government should work on easy drug supply and try hard to decrease the rate of drug consumption.